Garden Party

Many thanks to all who attended and helped make our Garden Party a success.  The rain held off and it was a beautiful day to host our volunteers as well as neighbors from the community. We are so thankful to everyone who came to spend time with us, especially Sergeant Dave and Officer Paul from the Grand Rapids Police Department. Our Garden of Life is open to the public and we hope that you come to visit us soon!


In less than a year, we have taken our ultrasound program to a higher level by utilizing our new ultrasound machine and having scheduled ultrasound hours.  

Since September, we have scanned 14 women who were facing unexpected pregnancies.  After 1 on 1 mentoring and providing a free ultrasound, all 14 women chose to carry to term.  The national average for carrying to term after seeing their baby on ultrasound is 75% or 3 out of 4 women.  HELP has exceeded the national average with 100% of the women choosing LIFE with 14 babies being saved!!

We will be expanding our ultrasound and medical services-as our outreach increases to the abortion minded and abortion vulnerable women. God has given all of us a responsibility to be His hands and feet by utilizing our gifts and talents. Our team at HELP works closely together from mentoring to ultrasounds. It is proven by the stats that we are impacting these women’s lives.  As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I say, “It takes a village to save a life.”   

Lori Potter RDMS

A Story of Regret……

“…I remember seeing my baby on an ultrasound. The doctor then proceeded to lead me out into the waiting room until she called me back to give me the first abortion pill (mifepristone RU486). I took the pill with no hesitation. I just wanted out of there and didn’t want to think about it ever again. I had to take the second pill the next day so the abortion process would finish…”

This sad story is being repeated more and more due to the easy availability of “medical” abortion.  Medical abortion is a two step process, where the first pill is usually given in the abortion clinic, and the woman takes the second pill home to take several hours later.  If she takes the second pill, the rest of the story may be like this:  a sleepless night of excruciating pain, crying and bleeding, leaving her with a traumatic memory that may haunt her for the rest of her life.  We want to make a difference in this matter. There is a medical protocol to try to save the baby when someone changes her mind after the first pill. I am working with others to have the Emergency Abortion Reversal Kit pictured above in PRC’s, emergency rooms, and physician offices around our area. This treatment is a time sensitive matter, as the reversal is most effective if given within 48 hours after the first abortion pill, and includes follow up treatment given throughout the first trimester. If you know of anyone who needs this help, there are caring medical professionals to help. It may not be too late; call us at HELP we can get in touch with the resources available in our area.

By Dr. Kim Barrows

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