HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid, Inc. is a Catholic, non-profit organization dedicated to helping pregnant women carry their babies to term by offering them support and alternatives to abortion, regardless of their faith, origin or background.

Our goals as an organization are to empower pregnant and young mothers in a Christ-like manner by:

  • Offering seeds of accurate, LIFE-affirming information by ministering the truth about health, sex, and pregnancy.

  • Making available vital educational opportunities that encourage a safe and healthy pregnancy, as well as development of the newborn in the first, critical years of life.

  • Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that accompany parenting, through peer counseling in a non-judgmental way and with assured confidentiality.

  • Assisting with the material support necessary to meet the basic needs of mother and child.

  • Connecting mothers who seek information about adoption with Christian agencies.

  • Supporting women who struggle with the aftermath of abortion by connecting them with professional counseling and support groups who encourage healing of abortion-related trauma.

Printable Brochures/Parish Bulletin Resources

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Our Staff

  • Paula Veneklase, Executive Director

  • Blanca Covarrubias, Programs Coordinator

Center Support Services

  • Mary-Ann Carpenter, Data Entry

  • Maribel Martinez, Services Specialist

  • Cherie Quam, Bookkeeper/Donor Management

Medical Services

  • Dr. Kim Barrows, Volunteer Medical Director

  • Lori Potter, Ultrasound Tech



Our Board of Directors

  • Sandy Lowery, RN, President

  • Barbara Scott, Vice-President

  • David Lefere, Treasurer

  • Jessi Corson, Secretary

Our Board Members

  • Seth Ashby, Attorney

  • Cheryl Makarewicz

  • Declan O’Donohue

  • Peter Prina

  • Thomas Ziolkowski, MD